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Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Man Behind the Music

Wutup Wutup!?

So yea thought I'd basically take the time in this post to tell people a little bit about me seeing unless you know me personally you probably don't know much about me at all. For those who don't give a shit and just like the music, feel free to skip reading this post lol...

So to start off real name Greg Perry, im 21 and a senior in Iona College in New Rochelle, NY. Im studying advertising but who knows if thats what I want to do lol. My main goal would be to be able to support myself financially off music some day. Music is basically my life whether it's writing it or listening to it, i'm almost always doing one or the other. I don't remember exactly when I got my start writing music, but I think I started messing around back in middle school. The summer going into 8th grade is when I started rapping, freestyling with my friend Digits on the bus or wherever. We formed a group called the Klip Artistz in 9th grade and started making songs, but nothing too serious. It wasn't until the end of junior year in High School and the beggining of senior year when I actually realized what I wanted to do with music. That's when I started making real songs and writing constantly. I'm actually pretty pissed at myself that I didn't get serious earlier, cuz who knows where I would be now if I had a few extra years of serious writing. Either way yea thats pretty much how I got started...

More about me personally I'm a fan of all music. In fact, lately I barely listen to much rap besides Joe Budden, Lupe Fiasco and a few other dudes. I'm huge into the blending of genres such as Linkin Park and this underground group called Optimus Rhyme. I'm hoping some day soon I can form an actual group with live instruments and shit like that. Live music is so dope and I think me rapping over that type of thing could deff work out ill. Lately I've been huge into blues such as The Black Keys and The Raconteurs. These groups are dope if you want more contemporary blues type music but still got that old school soul. I realize a lot of people when they are younger are afraid to listen to the "different" types of music because it aint cool and you feel left out if you don't know every word to Lil Waynes new hit, but I urge people to listen to all they can, cuz there is A LOT of good shit out there you will never hear unless you search. The Radio plays like less then 1 percent of all the music out there, and i'd say out of the 99 percent you havn't heard, you would probably love close to 30 percent of the shit you can't find on your local stations.

ok yea enough of me rambling on about stuff, i'll just give u a list of favorites of mine to make this easy...

  • Favorite food: Prime Rib
  • fastfood: Wendys (im truly addicted)
  • place: Either driving in my car bumping music or studio
  • sport: to play its basketball, to watch bball or baseball
  • teams: Red Sox, Yankees(jk not), Patriots, Celtics, Braves

I'm sure theres a bunch of other shit i could throw on here... but yea if u think of nething specific u wana know about me.... send me a message and I'll add to the list....


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Recording Session... RATEYOUR DEMO

So unfortunately I only got to record three songs the other day when I planned on getting about 6 done. But, on the other hand all three joints came out pretty hot so i can't complain. I got She's Gone, which is now featured on my myspace, Words Can't Describe, and The School of the Drugs done. Each are pretty hot lyrically with interesting stories behind them. So look out for all those in the future and def check out She's Gone and let me know your thoughts.

In other things I recently came across the website It's basically a site where for as little as 30 bucks you can send up to 10 songs to get reviewed by big names such as Cool and Dre. There is also sections for music besides just hip hop and rap, so I suggest if anyone wants a good honest non biased review of their music, it's worth throwing down 30 bucks to see what professionals think of your work. I submitted 10 songs, some of which I havn't actually released to the public but yea: Crying, What's it Gonna Be, If You Wanna Ride, Dumb Politics, Hard Times, Bouncin, Show You What I Mean, Words Can't Describe (unreleased), She's Gone, and Stuck. I should get the review back in about two weeks, So i'll let you know how that went...

check the site out here

don't forget to check the new joint and comment!!


Monday, July 14, 2008

Back At It!

Whats good everybody? I want to first apologize that I have not posted in like forever but I been busy as hell. Right after coming back from Australia I went right to the Grand Canyon in Arizona for a week. It was absolutely gorgeous to say the least, and even up close in personal it looks like a painting or something. I went with my Uncle Chris, sister, and my cousin Josh which was dope to catch up with all of them since I hadn't hung out with them in a few months really since I was in Australia. It's good to be home but I miss OZ land already. Just a dope atmosphere over there which i'm not really sure traveling there for a few days could really show. But after 5 months, you really start thinking and acting with that relaxed attitude.

Anyways, back to music. I'm pumped (shout out to Nodak and Minnesotta for use of that word) to be getting back in the studio tomorrow. I've got about 5-6 tracks to do, all in which I got very high hopes for. My favorite I will be recording tomorrow is called 'Words Can't Describe' so definitely look out for that either on the myspace page or on the new album when it comes out. It's got potential to turn out as my favorite track on all of Crocodile Tears depending on how nice the mixing and that shit goes.

I got a few other songs for the album to record tomorrow, including one that is on some different shit by the title of 'Give me Sight (She's Gone)'. There is a lot of singing on there which is new to me in the studio besides the song 'Kill that Bitch' I did with Grafite. If you have not heard that, check out Graf's myspace. For those who don't know much about Grafite, he is a friend of mine from High School. We both had heard that one another rapped but wern't really friends until I think Junior year where we had some class together. We spent every class talking music bell to bell and since then have been collaborating on shit. He's a good dude so I urge people to support his shit cuz he can bring some hot lyrics all day.

The last few songs I'm recording are just verses for other peoples shit. I'm working with Iconn doing a verse for one of his tracks, and I'm doing a verse on this contest Remedy Productions is putting out. Remedy (i call him Kenny Keyz) is a dope producer from Maine. You may know some his work such as my track 'Bouncin' off The Whisper Campaign or some of the things he has done with Hard Target. He is still pretty young too, so watch out for Remedy.

Remedy's soundclick

That's about all that is going on with me right now, I'll update this tomorrow night and give yall a little info on the recording session went....

Til then,
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