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Friday, December 19, 2008

Tommy Emmanuel

I don't know how many of you are fans of fantastic guitar-work.... but I always appreciate someone who "can play the guitar like a mutha fuckin' riot" (to quote Sublime)...And thanks to the best site of all time (YouTube), I came across this guy a while back, and he is probably the most talented person I have ever seen with an acoustic guitar in his hand. The sounds he gets out of an acoustic is ridiculous. So check him our and be amazed...

House of the Rising Sun cover...

Beatles Medley

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Listen to em': Three Legged Fox

As you know, I try not to write about exclusively hip hop stuff because honestly I'm not really interested in what is going on with most of the rap game. A lot of it is just childish bullshit now a days, and so yea i branch out. Here is a group that really preforms live good. Check any of their videos on Youtube and you won't be disappointed. Three Legged Fox classifies their sound as organic roots rock, and by listening to them i'd say they are basically a little bit of soul mixed with reggae. Their guitar work reminds me a little bit of the Spin Doctors (Two Princes, Little Miss Can't be Wrong) but their singer has a pretty unique soothing voice. Def a talented band, and pretty young too. I actually discovered them by looking up covers of Everlast's What it's Like, and I can't stop listening to that cover! Check em' out!

recommended tracks: Soul Thief, I Am, Maybe I'm Sorry

Official site

Soul Thief Live

Rapper for president!?

Nah im not talking about my song Dumb Politics. I'm talking about Charles Hamilton and what he suggests happens with rappers in the music business. check it out and if you are a fan of him and Asher Roth, they are both coming out with a mixtape soon so look out!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Anno Domini Beats

I've worked a decent amount with Anno over the last few years doing tracks over his beats and what not, and recently he announced a contest to win all types of prizes and free beats. check it out and download his free mixtape SoundClick Invasion!!

Beats/contest : Anno Domini Beats

Soundclick Invasion mixtape

Video of the week

This is a video by up and coming hip hop artist B.O.B. (no not bombs over baghdad). Shit is a funny ass video just making fun of little wayne, rick ross and t pain in particular because of how they ruin rap. Enjoy

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