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Friday, November 14, 2008


Heres a few updates on what is going on lately. I know I havnt been doing as much with the blog but i've been busy as hell with school and doing a shitload of shit to promote Rumorz and get my next cd out there. It has taken longer than I expected just because I have been waiting on getting another collaboration going on, and I'm not very good at getting those going on just because I dunno maybe I work better alone. But anyways heres whats been going on with me...

-I'm working on the cover of the album. I've been in talks with a certain agency and gotten a quote on what it will cost and am going to probably have the cover done within the next two weeks.

- I'm creating shirts. I've already made the design and had it printed and sent to me. Now i'm looking for a cheap place to make plenty of copies.

-I've bought the domain name and am looking for a well priced web designer to get the site up and running. Let me know if u know anyone!!!

-I have finished writing the final song, and will be recording it come thanksgiving break.

All of these are efforts to build the world of Rumorz and help you the fans keep in touch

stay up

Rumors .... (with a Z)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

YouTube Clip of the Week

Here is an old (but good as hell) clip of Joe Budden dropping a freestyle on Green Lanterns show. I decided to throw this clip out here because Joey's newest shit the Halfway House is crack and u need to check it out. Also it is pretty funny at the beginning when Budden gets loud with Green Lantern about beating around the bush with dumb interviews when he knew he was only there to rap. Budden is ill. lol. check it out..

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