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Monday, July 20, 2009

Rumorz footage!

haha I found this on my friend Sara's facebook page... it's about 6 months old of me spittin' over Oochie Wallie beat at like 3 in the morning after some party... Don't mind the weird reactions we just wasted... lol...

Also subscribe to me on YouTube because soon I will be adding footage of time in the studio, up comming shows etc...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rock The Bells

On Saturday I hit up the Boston show of Rock The Bells featuring everyone in the underground hip hop scene from M.O.P. to Eyedea to Slaughterhouse with Nas and Damian Marley headlining. It was a beautiful thing for the hip hop world to have all the true hip hop heads in one place. The one thing I noticed about this show compared to most shows I see is how much energy these dudes all had. Every one of them knew how to perform well, not in the sing with the crowd type of way, but there were some artists where many did not know a single word and by the end of the song you were bumpin your head. That's hip hop.

Of all of the performers I must say my top 3 of the night were Nas, Slaughterhouse and Tech N9ne. Nas of course had all the songs I knew and grew up on, and he did them well for the most part. Slaughterhouse killed it, with a dope set of songs and Budden and Royce just tearin shit up. But Tech N9ne really impressed me. He came on at 4 oclock where many people were just arriving (and defintely not as drunk and amped as the later shows), and he absolutely rocked the house down. He took people who normally would hate his lyrical content and style and made them fans for the 45 minutes he was on stage, and that's what performing is all about. If seeing that show doesn't inspire a fellow musician, I don't know what will....
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