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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Listen to 'Em: Paper Tongues

In the midst of judging singers searching for the next pop sensation on American Idol and creating ABDBC, Randy Jackson found a true gem. It's true, dawg. No "pitchyness", no choosing the right song, just good music. Headed by ex-drug dealer Aswan North, this 7-piece band from down south is making some serious noise in the world of music right now. Mixing sounds of hip-hop, progressive rock and pop, their often synth-driven music has recently had success with the song "Ride to California". Many articles have drawn an extremely weak and I must add extremely wrong comparison to Linkin Park due to Paper Tongues occasional rapping style of singing, but don't listen to these accusations. Their style is much more a mix of The Script and OneRepublic with a little bit of hip hop thrown in. Please give them a listen, especially the dope single that has been getting them so much recognition. With a great front man with great dance moves and a different style of singing, they are bound for greatness.

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