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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Listen to 'Em: Paper Tongues

In the midst of judging singers searching for the next pop sensation on American Idol and creating ABDBC, Randy Jackson found a true gem. It's true, dawg. No "pitchyness", no choosing the right song, just good music. Headed by ex-drug dealer Aswan North, this 7-piece band from down south is making some serious noise in the world of music right now. Mixing sounds of hip-hop, progressive rock and pop, their often synth-driven music has recently had success with the song "Ride to California". Many articles have drawn an extremely weak and I must add extremely wrong comparison to Linkin Park due to Paper Tongues occasional rapping style of singing, but don't listen to these accusations. Their style is much more a mix of The Script and OneRepublic with a little bit of hip hop thrown in. Please give them a listen, especially the dope single that has been getting them so much recognition. With a great front man with great dance moves and a different style of singing, they are bound for greatness.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For those asking about what has been going on with, basically Soundclick is being annoying as fuck with getting licensing to songs that I am not even selling, so I'm saying fuck them and moving on. My website is currently under construction and being re-made with a different format. So look out for that within the next two weeks and that should be up and running.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Amazing new song!

The song that is sweeping the nation. Unbelievable heartfelt lyrics.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Grind Stoned

Within the last week or so since the mixtape dropped I have been getting a lot great feedback and people interested in my music and the person behind it. One blog in particular which did a great piece and interview on me was The Grind Stoned. This is a really good blog for those looking to find artists and songs who may not be mainstream but given the right break may make some noise. I highly suggest staying in tune with his blog and dropping some comments on his page!

Check out the interview here:

and the rest of the blog:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Souloist... Success.

I want to shout out to those who are new to my music and what I'm about. I thank you guys for taking a chance on an artist you've never heard before. I've gotten a lot of response from The Souloist so far since it dropped two days ago. A lotta love, but what would a rapper be without some hate as well. A special shout out to DJ ILL WILL for helping me with this project, Shake from 2dopeboyz, KP from Datpiff for spotlighting the mixtape, and for Mix Master Maize hookin' it up on I appreciate that.

So far throughout the net there has been approximately 12,000-15,0000 total downloads. I hope you guys continue to spread the word, and keep in mind I will be uploading videos to Youtube within the next week. For those in the Massachusetts area, there are a few shows coming up I will be performing and would love to see you all there. The dates ands venues are listed below.

Grafite featuring Rumorz - Feb. 7th at Tammany Hall doors open at 5

Rumorz + Grafite- Feb. 13th at Bogarts (Our Place) doors open at 7, we go on about 10.

Rumorz + Grafite- March 5 at Yaz'z place time TBD

thanks again!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

THE SOULOIST mixtape Hosted by DJ ILL WILL now available!

The mixtape dropped earlier this morning and has been buildin' some great buzz throughout the net! Sites such as Hotnewhiphop, 2dopeboyz, datpiff and have all shown love! Thanks to all the sites that have supported me and I hope yall enjoy it too!

Download it here: The Souloist mixtape

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rumorz mixtape The Souloist hosted by DJ ILL WILL to drop january 25th!

It's official! My newest (and first ) solo mixtape entitled The Souloist will be dropping January 25th on! It will by hosted by DJ ILL WILL a.k.a. Your Wifey's Favorite DJ. Check him out and that website if you have not before to get the hottest and most exclusive hip hop in the world.  There is 20 tracks on their with a few collaborations with people such as Tito Lopez, SINIMA, Grafite, Arif, L Hayes and more!

The Souloist is the prequel to my upcoming album due to drop mid spring entitled Souled Out Show. The recording sessions for that album is also complete and now just waiting on the mixing and other post-recording shit.

Keep in touch and spread the word!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Listen to Em': Dirk Quinn

This is sort of an old clip but a great one that I recently remembered and thought was worthy of posting. Dirk Quinn is an amazing young guitarist who has been really making a buzz with his band (the Dirk Quinn Band) and gaining respect as one of the best new musicians on the scene. Here is an amazing cover of his cover of The Who's huge hit Baba O'Reily using a few loop pedals to make it happen.

If Star Wars had Facebook

Hope everyone had a great Holiday and has a good New Years. I've been doing a few shows with Grafite as of late, started a new job, and have been finishing up both the mixtape and album. The album will be coming out sometime in January, so please stay tuned for that because there will be a bunch of free shit to listen to, and it's hosted by DJ ILL WILL. Anyways, here is a funny thing someone created if Star Wars characters had facebook, check it out.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


This is what I have been waiting for. Dope musicians from all sides of the spectrum coming together to make something beautiful. Those who know me are well aware that although I do mainly rap music my interests don't stop at that genre of music. One of my favorite bands on the planet is a group called The Black Keys, a blues rock group made up of only a drummer and a singer. They have been slowly experimenting with hip hop style people, including having their last album produced by Danger Mouse (Gorillaz, Gnarls Barkley). Now they have teamed up again working with Dame Dash to create BlakRoc: a compilation album of different hip hop artists rapping over black keys created compositions. Artists in the mix include Mos Def, M.O.P. and Jim Jones.

I highly recommend the Black Keys to anyone, and if you are fans of mixing genres this album is dope for you. Below are a few videos including the single with Jones and Mos Def accompanied by the melody of Black Keys singer/guitarist Dan Aurebach.

Blakroc Project from Myrhax on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Listen to Em': CAUSE

Coming out the heart of New York is one of those rare MC's that doesn't seem phased by the bull shit the mainstream artists seem to get caught up in. For those who enjoy hip hop music with more of a commercial feel, but still enjoy hearing an MC with lyrical talent, meet CAUSE. He has one of those voices that sound dope on any beat, and one of those recognizable signature-sounds you can identify as soon as he speaks a word on a beat.

CAUSE has already gained a large local and national fanbase earning reviews with, New York Magazine,, Rap Fanatic Magazine, Brooklyn Vegan, Nah Right. In January 2009, CAUSE'S celebratory anthem “Banga” won a Billboard Songwriting Award for best Hip-Hop / Rap song as he released his debut album - The New Golden Era.

As long as the industry doesn’t let this one slip through the cracks, you should be hearing a lot more from CAUSE in the future.  For those in the New York area, he has got plenty of tour dates so it would definitely be worth going to check him out if you get the chance. Don’t sleep on CAUSE because when you wake up, he’ll be in your spot. At the young age of 22, I don't see much chance that CAUSE fails. He has planted his foot firmly in the game, and I am confident he will eventually leave his footprint in the world of hip hop music. 

check out the official website of CAUSE 

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hey guys, I wanted to keep you posted with what is going on with the music! Me and Josh who is my personal manager/partner in crime have been trying to organize all the music I've been writing and recording as of late. We've got a few great things lined up including a mixtape and an album in the works.

After searching around for the right person to host the mixtape, we've decided to go with DJ ILL WILL . He has a good presence on the internet which is where as an unsigned rapper, you need to have a name for yourself.  I've got a session next Saturday in which I will complete recording for all the mixtape tracks, and all that will be left is mixing.

As far as the album goes, I've got about 35 songs written and will be recording the remaining unrecorded ones within the next couple weeks. This month is all about getting some good talent on the album. In the works now are songs with Kristen (formally Rayne), Three Legged Fox's frontman Kyle Wareham and rapper CAUSE.

I've also been working with some dope producers for this album including recently Gabe Herman who has done work with JoJo and the hottest indie bands in Massachusetts.

So please keep spreading the word and pay attention for new shit soon!!

Friday, October 30, 2009


There is a new record called Average Cat in which Beanie Sigel gets a few things off his chest, and a lot of those things are aimed at JAY-Z. He has spoke on the record as well, saying that basically, he was frustrated and needed to speak real talk, no diss record. The vibe of the record comes off a little aggressive, but it seems that Beans is basically just stating what needed to be said. Some of these things include him talking about how Jay called the cops on him. Beanie is one of those rappers that have been dope for a minute, and one of those dudes that is maybe too gutter to get the props he deserves in the mainstream, but regardless, a beast.

AND TRUE STORY, at the end Beanie talks about all the battles and bullets he took for the Roc instead of Jay, and if you think about it, he was the warrior of the click. We'll wait and see what Jay says about it...

heres the record:

Hear his comments about the record:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Listen to 'Em: Colin Munroe

It's a cool thing to see a live band collaborating with rappers and vice versa. It's also a cool thing when you hear a dude come out with something different. Colin Munroe has got a unique sound no matter how you look at it. He plays, drums, sings and keys all on the same song, each on their a tough feat, but together is pretty impressive. Despite his unique singing Indie Rock style, he has gotten a lot of recognition by the alternative and indie rap scene, doing tracks with rappers such as Joell Ortiz and Wale. If you are a fan of that type of mixture, this dude is someone you would enjoy.

Check out this footage of him and Wale in the studio rehearsing.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Listen to 'Em: Laws

In the current age of rap, it's not very often I come across a dude that makes me want to search high and low for his new material. But every once in a while I'm lucky enough to find someone who brings a sound like that, and this time around his name is Laws. He is your future favorite rapper as his mixtape claims, and I tend to agree with him. With a unique space sound to his music and flow, and a style which could be described as a mix between Lupe and Drake, this dude is definitely next up. He was just signed by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and is someone you should watch for. His song "Rain" is one of the hottest things I've heard in a minute, so check that out.

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