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Friday, May 1, 2009

Olivia Thai

With YouTube bursting onto the scene over the last several years, millions of cover songs and originals have been performed, recorded, and listened to. In this sea of craziness very few musicians find themselves floating to the top of the ladder, but today I present to you one of the few. Olivia (who is not of Thai decent) is a twenty year old singer-songwriter and actress from Los Angeles. She got her start in acting starring in local plays and musicals and even touring with the Hereandnow Theater Company.

Olivia Thai can not only sing and act, she has a fun personality. If you learn one characteristic about Olivia by talking with her, it is that she strongly possesses is the need to do more, do it well, and balance it extremely well. Utilizing this characteristic to the fullest, Olivia has earned over 20,000,000 views of her videos, and performed the national anthem before the LA Clippers and Sparks in front of nearly 20,000 fans. Accomplishments such as these have earned her performances all across the country.

Miss Thai is now currently working hard in the studio. On top of doing a song for my album Crocodile Tears, she is working hard on songs for her debut solo album. Watch out for this one because she is as hard working and dedicated is one can get, and still has plenty years ahead of her. Give a listen to music or follow her video blog (and yea she is good looking on top of all this guys) where she can keep you updated on her latest adventures and accomplishments.

Olivia's Website

Her YouTube Channel

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spotlight: Sinima Beats

SINIMA is more than just a dope producer. As a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, banging out hot beats has become second nature to this New York Native. For those who are followers of my music, SINIMA is responsible for producing School of the Drugs, Do it Right, Kill that bitch and several other of my songs. Not to mention that I have purchased several of his newest beats for my next project already in progress. Bottom line: Dude is an animal. In 2003 he graduated with honors from the Institute of Audio Research where his production was selected to be used in their radio advertisement aired on Hot 97. He then went on to major in Piano and Business at Five Towns College.

His beats have a completely distinct sound to them, and in my opinion, there are few better in the sampling business. Many producers such as Kanye and company are amazing at the old school jazz samples, but SINIMA has an uncanny ability to take pretty much any track you can think of and make it into a bangin' hip hop beat.

So yeah I say he is dope, but where is his recognition? SINIMA's intrumentals have been featured on shows such as Road Rules and the Real World. And with credits including Silkk the Shocker, Stat Quo, Termanology and the Junior Mafia, it seems his production has been landing in the right hands. Not only is he a dope producer and instrumentalist, but he has also won awards in songwriting in competitions such as the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Don't sleep,SINIMA is here to stay.

check him out:


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spotlight weeks

For the next two weeks I'm going to be posting spotlights, interviews and reviews of all different artists I feel deserve recognition. What's cool about this week is it will all be people I either know personally or have developed some type of relationship with them or someone close to them via music collaborations of some sort.

if you are someone or know someone that I should include, let me know and i'll consider adding them to this as well...

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