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Saturday, May 16, 2009


I've been busy as hell finishing college. Finals, etc... but finally I'm done. That means I leave New York for good (unless I eventually find a job out here) and move back to Massachusetts... I'm happy to get back home and work as hard as I can on doing music. It's weird because New York definitely has a better music scene, but I find myself working a lot harder on music shit at home in Boston where I can hit the studio a lot. Either way I plan on fixing up the whole album problem bull shit and working on a bunch of music. I will be hitting the studio at least 4 hours a week recording probably 2 or 3 tracks (some mixtape, some album material). So regardless, I will be having a ton of being recorded and hopefully released this summer. I'm also going to be collaborating with some other musicians and eventually trying to work out a side project band. We'll see how that goes.

look forward to a few more artists to get some spotlights on here within the next week and a few of my top 10s as well.

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