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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Best Worst Rappers

So I was listening to an old Birdman(Baby of cash money) song earlier today and it got me thinking about how many bad rappers there are. Not like 14 yr old white kid doing it because it's the latest trend bad, but like Single A baseball players on the same field as pros bad. Anyways, I figured I'd compile a list of the Best Worst Rappers in the game. Check it:

5. P. Diddy/Sean Combs/Puff Daddy-
So Yea, I don't know what's worse his rapping or his ability to stick with one rap name, but you can't hate Diddy. He's the best entrepreneur in the game (yes better then Jay Z) and pays all types of money for people to ghost write his stuff, and he still doesn't come hard. And hey, he always makes sure his albums aren't terrible, so I give him credit for that.

4. Mike Jones
This dude is fuckin' hilarious. I can't believe he got big by saying his phone number on his songs repeatedly, or yelling his name in weird ways. But shit, he makes me laugh whenever I hear him, I just wish he would come out with a really serious song. That would be funny shit. Regardless I think it's funny that some of the serious artists like Bun B will actually do tracks with this guy, so he gotta be doing something right.

3. Birdman/Baby
So yea he is pretty bad and Lil Wayne probably writes all his shit, but I don't really hate hearing him rap like some of the other guys on this list. He was at the forefront of the whole Bling Bling era back in the day, and shit, even old people know what 'bling' is now, not to mention he does more tracks with "the best rapper alive since the best rapper retired" then anyone, so props Birdman.

2. Fat Joe
I only ever initially liked Fat Joe because Big Pun, and now I only listen to him when he is on a track with Rick Ross/Akon/Lil Wayne etc... So I gotta say this guy knows the importance of putting himself with good company. He always has sick fuckin' beats and makes songs with good artists, but i dunno something about him is off. He isn't terrible but he just ain't good. I dunno. Next...

1. Snoop Dogg
Snoop is the fuckin' man. He is far superior than the other rappers on this artist, but I still wanted him up here cuz I wouldn't consider him a rapper. I think the best part about him is how is personality is so evident in his music. He's a 6.4 pothead who is smooth as hell and funny as fuck. What's not to love with Snoop? Not to mention besides Eminem I bet he is the only rapper your 65 year old grandmother would know, and THATS impressive...
Let me know what you think or if I missed anyone you believe is Better at being Worst or Worst at being Better or whateva....

Time to go get drunk.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I figured before I got into a daily routine of different discussions on this site I'd give everyone a little update about what I've been doing for the last couple of months. Since Mid-February I've been studying abroad in Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia. It has been fuckin' sick to say the least, dope live music, amazing bars, women, and weather. Sadly, I've had to do a little bit of schoolwork in between the partying, but fuck it, it's worth it to be here. I'm coming towards the end of my time here, and it's going to suck to go back, but at the same time, I can't wait to get back up in the studio.

Within that time New Era Ent. has came out with Takeover 2 featuring tracks by Me, $. Money, Roc and the whole New Era squad. I actually have not heard the final product, but most of the tracks I heard were on point, so I suggest getting a hold of a copy of that if you get the chance.

In terms of writing, I've been working on my second album which I've decided to call 'Crocodile Tears'. I already have about 10 songs recorded from before I came to Australia, and I've written a bunch more since I've been here, but I'm planning on having about 15 tracks of solid shit, so this summer I will be recording about 20 more songs and then cutting down the 30 tracks to the 15 hottest/most relevant for the album. I want to get more features on there from a few different artists I havn't worked with yet, but still want to get the usuals on there as well (, Grafite, Roc etc...)

Anyways let me know what you think about the name Crocodile Tears or anything you feel like sharing, hit me up...


Sunday, May 18, 2008

'Crying' lyrics

I've noticed a bunch of people looking for the lyrics to 'Crying', and so I'm hoping this post will lead them here. There may be a few mistakes in the lyrics I'm posting because I'm copying and pasting them from the original file I wrote them on, so there's probably terrible spelling and some of the words may be different due to me improvising a little in the studio... Enjoy

verse 1:
Just take a second
Let me tell u why Im deep in Depression
Hope Im gettin thru to you
Hope u gettin the Message
'Cuz i aint gettin thru to you
I just left u a message
I Tried six times already that makes this Number 7
...Aint pickin up the phone,
I know u feelin all alone
But im Here for you homie
I just want that to be known
I aint there wit u Homie
But i care for u homie
Kno u better when im near to u homie
Aint deserve none of that
Wish i could take sum of that
Pain off your shoulders when i feel u bout to break ya back
Strainz gettin colder i just want to see u thru
But thats no excuse, Only so much i can do
There was times i seen the problem, i just turned the other cheek
Maybe if i had spoken up u wouldnt be in so deep
and i kno it aint my fault, but i gotta take the blame
Im tryna make the change but it'll never be the same
so im...

im so sorry so this is my apology...

i'll help u thru this homie just follow me..

And i kno it aint my fault, but i gotta take the blame

im Tryna make the change but itll never be the same

Verse 2:
Im chillin sittin lookin out my window at the Raindrops
Wonderin whens the Pain Stop
Can i catch a break God?
Sometimes its easy not to embrace God
I cant take it, its easier just to hate God
So thats why I aint prayin for no miracle
U want something bad enuff, U wont see the Obsticalz
im there by ur side.. Helpin makin tha change for u
I play the butterfly I turn ugly to beautiful
When times got tough, u was turnin to the drugs
u was just a troubled kid man u aint give a fuck
I was rollin' outta bed, u was rollin up a blunt
U hadda problem ur solution was to light one Up..
U was givin up..Sheddin Tears.. nose stuffed Up
I didnt kno if it was 'cuz cried or coke u sniffed up
u always fucked up..It was weird when u was sober
U ignored me when i told ya u should do wut u suppose to now ya

im so sorry so this is my apology...

i'll help u thru homie just follow me..

And i kno it aint my fault, but i gotta take the blame

im Tryna make the change but itll never be the same

Verse 3:
U just wana sleep, u just sit n close ya eyes
Cuz the second u awake, u aint wana be alive
Cuz u think about ya fate. that u cant even take..
U aint goin for the ride, u just wana hit the brakes
u wana just wana get outside, put on music and u vibe
but the second that it off, u goin to realize..
U just back where u started.. all tha pain n strife
and u put every single little thing into this life
and for What..!? u aint even gettin shyt out of it..
i dont blame u for wantin to get tha fuk out of it..
But i kno u better then that, u kno u better then that..
you've been thru the worse theres only better from that...
So Hold ON.. im knownin ull hold on..
and go on.. only can only do it for so long..
and i kno it aint my fault, but i gotta take the blame
Im tryna make the change but itll never be the same
so im dyin

im so sorry so this is my apology...

i'll help u thru this homie just follow me..

And i kno it aint my fault, but i gotta take the blame

im Tryna make the change but itll never be the same

So Yea, hopefully this will be seen by all the people who want to know the lyrics, and if anyone has any other songs they would like the lyrics to, get at me and i'll see what I can do.

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