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Monday, June 9, 2008


What peoples? Sorry I have not updated in over a week, but I was busy living life up in Thailand. I must say Bangkok is by far the craziest place I have ever been, and the island of Phuket is by far one of the most beautiful. What a contrast. I spent the first few days in Bangkok, which is the smelliest place on earth. It smells like sewage pretty much everywhere. Luckily the uniqueness of the city keeps your mind off it most the time. I went and saw the Grand Palace which was absolutely breathtaking. That whole building is priceless and a must see if you ever get to Thailand.
Also check out the floating markets, a bunch of markets which are on a big ass canal. Its pretty sick you don't even got to leave your canoe to get cool shyt. I can't really stress enough how crazy the city is though. ANYTHING GOES. Ping Pong shows (women shooting them out their...), Transvestites(be careful if you're ordering a prostitute) and anything you can think of goes on there. It's fukin insane.

It was also insane how me and my friends got treated there. We were like fuckin celebrities. Every show we went to they brought me and my friends up to rap/sing with them and the crowd loved us. it was sick. Once we got to Phuket, we all just relaxed for the next few days. No homo but I saw by far the prettiest sunset I can imagine there and there isn't much I can say to describe how nice the beaches were.

I will post some pictures later today for some visual evidence, just wanted to update you for now.

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