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Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Blog: Souled Out Show

Wutup? This is my new brand new blog I just started up called Souled Out Show. This will hopefully help out anyone who wants updates on my {Rumorz} music and let people know my thoughts on the world of music. I don't expect a big response right away, but I hope to build up the blog and get people thinking and commenting and all that shit. Enjoy.

A little about the name Souled Out Show, one thing you will notice if you listen closely to my music along with the titles of the songs/albums and shit I do, I love puns and word play.Having a good catchy title is cool but I like to make sure there is some substance besides just something that sounds "cool". Therefore, I picked Souled Out Show since this blog is about Rumorz as an artist, the music along with the person. The term 'Sold out' along with a 'Sell out' is used usually to describe a person who sacrifices their love for doing something in order to become more popular or earn more money, but spelling it this way gives it new meaning how ones music is coming from their soul...bla bla corny maybe don't like it then fuck it too bad...but shit sounds good to me.

I'm going to get more shit up soon including a few pics and the lyrics to Crying which everyone keeps searching for online.

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