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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hard to Find featured on TOP REVIEWS on!!

In the other post I mentioned how I had gotten that dope review from Cool and Dre, and they put me up third on their Top Reviews category on their website. I urge up and coming artists to check out the site, and if you are a rapper or producer, put your shit on their and get professional criticism. It never hurts to hear what you can improve.

Cool and Dre review!

Ok. So it's been a minute since I've posted. I got no real good excuse why I have not posted at all, I have been busy with school but still no excuse. But I'm going to get the ball rolling again. For those wondering about the album, don't worry it's coming. It's annoying getting ll the pieces to fit in order to get this out especially since most of things I need done would be a lot easier if I was in Boston and not NY, but it's all good. In other news, I mentioned a while back, a site where you submit your music to Cool and Dre for review. I got the results back and figured i'd share the review with you I'm pretty excited to hear their thoughts because I'm always anxious to hear what people in the Biz think of my shit because I personally think it matches any professional quality work. so here it is: (yea it's under Greg not Rumorz, for those who don't know that's me..)

DEMO: Hard to Find
REVIEW DATE: 2/16/2009
RANKING (1-10): 8
ARTIST: Greg Perry

Greg, what it do homie...

Aight, so we gonna break it down for you track by track:

1. Reality TV (RANKING: 8)

Reality TV has a dope vibe. Has kind of a rock vibe to it. The use of the piano sample is really cool. Good work on the side of the producer. The concept of the record is dope. The flow and delivery on the verses is on point. The hook is dope. This remind us of something Xzibit would have done. Good work!!

2. The Entertainer (RANKING: 7)

This is totally a different vibe then the first record. Some club shit for the ladies. We are glad to hear you can be versatile. The Entertainer title is dope! The hook is on point! Good work on the the verses as well. You got great delivery my nigga!

3. Droppin' Names (RANKING: 7)

Deep cover!!!!!!!!! Twins!!!! Classic material homie! You held your own these verses. We always tell artists that if you are gonna rap over a classic beat you better hold your own. You did that homie! You were a perfect example. A hook on this would have made this ever crazier!! Good work thou homie!!

4. Kill That Bitch (RANKING: 7)

This beat has a dope intro. We like the piano line on this. This is on some Scott Storch LA type shit. We like the fact that you sang on the hook. That gave the song a good contras. This is the stalker anthem of 09... lol!! Good concept homie. This will def have people talkin...

5. Hard to Find (RANKING: 9)

First off, you pick good beats homie!! This record has the best vibe of all the other records. The sample is crazy!! Whoever produced this did their job. The first verse was dope. The sample in the hook is crazy!! You killed this homie!! Always play this record first. We also like the fact that you toned down your delivery on this record a bit. You weren't as aggressive as the other records. Nice work and this is by far your best overall effort.

OVERALL ANALYSIS: Like we said, you pick good beats! You gotta a great voice. We would love to hear more of your tracks. Thanks for your patience waiting for your review and stay tuned to the site for our new events this year that will include bringing people we feel we can work with to our new studio in FL.

Good work fam!!

Cool & Dre

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