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Monday, September 8, 2008

Bull shit and Road Trips

I have to first apologize since it has been a while since I posted, but I don't have a computer right now and Best Buy is pretty much taking their time to fix it. So until then i am only accessing the internet through one of my colleges computers, which are limited since the big library is under construction ( good timing Iona). Anyways what i've been spending most my time doing is working to earn some money back I spent in Australia and basically all summer on various things (mostly alcohol, beats, studio time and food). I've been talking with my boy from the Bronx a producer by the name of Jorge and been looking into finding some good spots to perform in New York City. He has given me a few places which I intend on checking out soon once school settles in and I am less busy with all this random shit in my life. In other things this weekend I'm taking a road trip out to Notre Dame to visit a bunch of friends I met while in Australia. I can't wait cuz they also got me and my friends coming up tickets to the Notre Dame-Michigan game. I'm not a HUGE college football fan, but these are two schools I would LOVE to see play. Besides them I'd say USC and Texas are the only to college football teams I'd want to see. Either way those type of games have a sick atmosphere and at legendary Notre Dame, it should be sick.

That got me thinking it's sad how little people take road trips now a days. It sucks because Europeans are constantly traveling at a young age from place to place backpacking, and it just sucks tht Americas culture is focused soooo much on success and and earning money that we lose the chance to see their own country. I've made a few road trips over the years and I try to see as much as I can, usually the only thing stopping me is a lack of people wanting to go with me. Oh yea, and the 200 + dollar tickets I seem to get on the trips (long straight road+late at night + trying to shave time off 11 hours trips = getting pulled over every time).

So yea I encourage people to take road trips while they can and before gas is like 7 dollars a gallon. Take a train, a plane or anything.... just do it.
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