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Friday, August 7, 2009


Saturday August 15th will be the second annual 3on3 Basketball Tournament put together by my friends and founders of Chris 'Digits' Lamar and Nakware Howard. Those who live in the Massachusetts area are encouraged to go check it. If you want to sign up information is below and there is a 500 dollar grand prize. Food will also be available and live performances including a set from me will be going on, so check it out!

* Sign Ups

* Sign ups are at Nex Level 787 Washington St. in Stoughton Center. on August 6 - 8 from 12 to 4p.m.

* If you are unable to make the Sign Up dates contact Chris Lamar at (78.... The last late Sign Up Date is August 10th

* The Tournament will have a maximum of 21 teams. The First 21 Teams To Sign Up Play!!!

* There is a $25 Dollar Sign up fee per person playing or $75 per three man Team. There is also an allowance for 2 substitute players. It's a 15 dollar fee per each sub.

* The Tournament will be held on August 15th at the Capp Playground in Stoughton off of Park and Leach St. The Tournament starts at 2 p.m. Teams are expected to check in at 1 :30.

* Rules

* Age Limit to Participate is 14 and older

* 2 game Elimination

* Championship Game is Winner take all. One Game Elimination

* Games are Straight to 12. First to 12 wins, or The Team with the most points after 15 minutes wins

* Points are scored by One's and Two's

* 2 Referees will be Present. No Arguing with calls, and no Swearing. Referees can through players and teams out of the Tournament

* Tournament Starts at 2 P.M. If your team fails to be present by the start of the tournament it is an automatic Forfeit, and no Refunds will be issued.

* If the Tournament is to be canceled because of bad weather a 40% refund will be given to all participants

~Entertainment & Refreshments~

* Live Performers
* Free Cd's
* Memphis Style Chicken
* Kool aid and other Drinks
* Free Water for the Players

~ Inspiring Performers & Businesses ~

* If you or anyone you know Raps, Sings, or has any other skills that you would like to showcase call Chris Lamar at 781 975 6541

* If you have a business that you would like to advertise at our tournament also contact Chris Lamar at 781 975 6541

* All inquires must be made before August 10th for your Business or act to be showcased in our Tournament and shown on our Website

An Addiction reachs number 1 on Soundclick!

Recently my song An Addiction featuring Olivia Thai was the winner of SINIMA's song contest, and been featured on his page. A few days later the song has climbed all the way to number 1 on the hip hop charts!

check it out and please support the music and buy my album!

Get Pissed. Go Green.

Brazil is also joining the forces on the GO GREEN campaign. But forget the basic simplified concept of just not wasting paper and cutting down on gas, they have taken a different approach: Peeing in the shower! Yeah that's right in an effort to save the rainforest Brazil has launched a new ad campaign encouraging citizens to pee in the shower to save water. I guess a lot of us have been going green for a while!

read more HERE

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rumorz is SINIMA'S Song Contest Winner!

A while back I did a feature on Sinima Beats, a producer out of Queens, NY. He is responsible for about four of the beats I used on my most recent album 'Crocodile Tears', and each week he has been picking a contest winner to feature on his page. This week, I was selected as the winner of the contest with the song 'An Addiction' featuring Olivia Thai...

Enter the Contest:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Eminem Soulja Boy diss?

So there is a track surfacing online that is apparently Eminem dissing Soulja Boy. Now I definitely wish this was true because I can't stand what he has contributed to rap and son but I've heard news it is not him, just something someone else put together. Either way, because I can't stand Soulja Boy that much i'm going to post it anyway.

Well while you're checking out that, if you have not heard the REAL diss Eminem released about Mariah, it is something you NEED to hear. This track has a little old school taste of Eminem back when he really got at people instead of the half-ass attempts he had on his last album. Check it...

Em dissing Mariah
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