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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Listen to Em': Dirk Quinn

This is sort of an old clip but a great one that I recently remembered and thought was worthy of posting. Dirk Quinn is an amazing young guitarist who has been really making a buzz with his band (the Dirk Quinn Band) and gaining respect as one of the best new musicians on the scene. Here is an amazing cover of his cover of The Who's huge hit Baba O'Reily using a few loop pedals to make it happen.

If Star Wars had Facebook

Hope everyone had a great Holiday and has a good New Years. I've been doing a few shows with Grafite as of late, started a new job, and have been finishing up both the mixtape and album. The album will be coming out sometime in January, so please stay tuned for that because there will be a bunch of free shit to listen to, and it's hosted by DJ ILL WILL. Anyways, here is a funny thing someone created if Star Wars characters had facebook, check it out.
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