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Monday, September 14, 2009

VMA Report: Kanye-Taylor event Staged!?

There's a HUGE buzz going around about the VMA awards last night so I thought I would chime in with my opinions about all the big stories that went down. And unless you don't have TV, Radio, Email, facebook, or twitter... you know exactly which big issues I will bring up...Because everyone knows the biggest issue, I'm just going to go in order, so wait for that...

First thing that caught my eye was Lady Gaga arriving with Kermit (I think that's how it's spelled..not checking...) the frog. Now having Kermit attend the VMA's could be a decent idea; you know, get the younger kids excited, maybe promote the muppets or whatever the hell he is on now. BUT, instead they decided having kermit attend the event with Lady Gaga, a suspected transsexual (although I highly doubt that's true), a sex symbol, and an overall freak who admitted she doesn't care about who her man is, just if he has a huge dick. So if the people on Kermits camp thought this was a good idea, I don't know what the hell is wrong with this world now.

Next is the biggggg issue everyone got offended by; Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift when she won her award for best video or whatever and saying Beyonce should have won because it was one of the best videos of all time. Now people are pretty much outraged by this, and if this wasn't staged, I will honestly say he is a faggot and agree with everyone. But, I sort of believe this was a staged situation. Now hear me out on my reasoning:

1. Kanye West has been the bad guy before... He is notoriously over-cocky, and a great example of his bitching has been seen on PUNKED on one of it's earlier episodes.

2. Beyonce was about two feet away from the stage when this happened... If she honestly felt bad, she wouldn't have waited until the end of the show, but more likely walked up as Kanye did this and defended Taylor.

3. NO ONE bashed Kanye besides the crowds boos. You are telling e someone like Russell Brand who will make fun of Gaga for being a transvestite and the Jonas Brothers for being virgins TO THEIR FACES won't bash Kanye for a statement that was clearly in the wrong?

4. So Beyonce magically wins and for the sake of Taylor swift talk.. gives a Fairy-tell like ending to this so called tragedy when she calls Taylor (who was ready on cue back stage) to come out and re-do her speech. Seems fishy to me...

5. Lastly, MTV is notorious for trying to all types of absurd thing to promote the VMA's and try and make them as big an event as the Oscars and Emmys etc... Last year in order to have a Britney Spears come back they had her win like every event possible. And in order to make the performances perfect last year they only did like two live ones. This year thank God they through out the cheesy basically music video-version performances for the most part. But because of the history of this event I must say that what better way to bring a buzz to this show by having a RAPPER disrupt a country star and pop icons "moment"?

I will say this though... If I am wrong about this... then thanks Kanye. Thank you for taking rap music a GIGANTIC leap backwards in terms of respect. Your music is supposed to be the GOOD side of hip hop. Not just talking about drugs and all that, but the type the general public can enjoy. But instead you've just helped push back the respect of an already dwindeling genre in the respect category. Thanks.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

updates.. LISTEN TO 'EM!: LB

Pardon the delay.. I just been slackin' on my mackin' so to speak. But now I'm back on it like I never left so be sure to keep coming back (Brett Favre). With this post I am combining a little bit of an update about whats going on with myself and so on. As far as Crocodile Tears is going, it has been selling decently well but with great reviews from all corners which is what has kept me going. CDBABY really dropped the ball with their new format and had a ton of problems, but FINALLY will be getting my album to iTunes very soon, so if you have not bought an album from me personally, itunes will be the best outlet...

I also want to take this time to introducer you to a collaborator on my next album: LB. LB is a dope MC coming out of New Hampshire, a place not really known for hip hop, but don't let the location of this new england rapper confuse you...HE IS A BEAST! For fans of real hip hop and soul alike, check out LB and get a taste of what NH is bringing to the hip hop scene.

As a close collaborator with Staik Selektah, this dude is a clear talent in the underground scene. don't sleep.

songs to listen for: Since Your Gone, NH to BK

Also check him out on myspace here
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