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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I just got done watching the end of the MJ tribute and had a few things that came to mind I wanted to speak about. First off, it was crazy to actually see/hear his daughter Paris speak, seeing as his children have been completely hidden from the spotlight since birth. For those who didn't see it, she made a brief but very powerful statement about her love for her father.

Another thing I noticed was how amazing Martin Luther King Jr.'s kids were at speaking. It truly runs in the family, because his son and daughter made very amazing speeches and carry that pounding inspirational thing in their voice. That was cool to hear from them, because I havn't heard much of them ever.

Lastly, this kid Shaheen Jafargholi who is 12 years old performed an amazing cover of Who's Loving You, originally written by Smokey Robinson. This made a few things noticable: Smokey Robinson was probably the best or defintely in the conversation of the best song writers ever. Look up his resume, it's ridiculous, and when his songs are covered today, they still hold relevant. Lastly, you should check out this kid Shaheen. He has a future. I posted a video below of him on Britains got Talent. And for all you Simon Cowell haters, watch this clip and try and tell me that he isn't a very gifted talent scout and knows his shit whether you believed it before or not.

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