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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Australian Music

Since I've spent that last 4 months in Australia, I figured it would be cool to put some of you people back in the states onto some Australian music. There is a lot of good shyt in the music scene here, both in the local scene along with on the mainstream level. The city im staying in Fremantle is basically a haven for artists and young musicians, and pretty much every bar u walk into will live live music, which im probably gonna miss more than anything...

But yea check out some of the dopest acts coming out of Australia:

Xavier Rudd

Xavier Rudd is perhaps one of the most talented musicians there are. He sings, plays guitar, drums, and the Didgeridoo practically all at the same time. He is had moderate success in America but not nearly the same love he has received in Australia. I was actually lucky enough to see him live at the Blue and Roots concert which was held here a few months back. The only way to get a true feeling of how talented this guy is would be to hear/see him play, so check out the link below of his appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show a while back.

Xavier Rudd on Jimmy Kimmel
This is just one of the sick performances you can find of him online....
Xavier Rudd's myspace

The Potbelleez

If you are a fan of House music, there is plenty of that Down Under as well. This group in particular has a song entitled "Don't Hold Back" which was by far the most popular song of the summer (our winter) here. I don't even like techno shit but after a while of hearing this song everywhere u go, it really grows on you...

Check out this video of them:
Don't Hold Back

The Potbelleez Myspace

The John Butler Trio
The John Butler Trio is actually coming straight out of Fremantle where I'm staying. These three guys are extremely talented, and like Rudd us a variety of strange instruments which you rarely see used in normal music ( Banjo, Cello etc...) If you are fans of Jack Johnson and guys like that than you will probably enjoy John Butler's music.

The Trio live

The John Butler Trio Myspace

These are just a few of the hottest acts coming out of Australia. As far as the rap scene goes, there really is a lacking of one. Thew few artists you will find in my opinion are no good. However, if you like the laid back chill music and a little bit of funk then Australia is booming with that type of shit.

Deff. check out these three and explore more of their stuff too!

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