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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Joint of the Week: Takin' Back my Love

Takin Back my Love by Enrique Iglesias featuring Ciara

If you have not heard Enrique is no longer dating Anna Kournikova. That is good in two ways; 1 being that Anna Kournikova is now single again and 2 is that Enrique is back to making music. Normally I wouldn't be that excited for number 2, but this time it's different because his new shit is HOT. Takin Back my Love is the second single off Enrique's greatest hits album following another pretty hot song entitled Away. Of course it's still pretty pop-ish but you can't deny a good song and a good feature by the chick/dude Ciara.

Listen to it here

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Listen to em': The Crest

I first came across The Crest back when their song "Heart Shaped Box" was featured on nba2k7, but these guys have been on the underground scene since 1997. Since then they have dropped 13 cds, including 2005's Skeptik as their first official release. If you enjoy that raw underground sound of alternative rap, then these dudes got everything you are looking for and more. With nothing but hott underground beats, these fairly fast spitting MC's rip pretty much everything they are on, and many of their tracks what rap lacks now a days, a message. Tracks such as Kill Em' talk about the war and it's impact on the American people. Hailing from the ever-so-popular hip hop haven of Wisconsin (lol), these dudes bring a whole different feel to the rap game.

Songs you NEED to hear: Heart Shaped Box, Rich Girl, Kill Em', No More Lady

Myspace: here

Live Performance: Here

New Weekly Updates Schedule!!!

Over the last week or so I've been brainstorming different ways to keep people coming back to the blog by improving it and positing not only info on whats going on with "Rumorz" but different opinions and news on other artists and the music industry in general... So after some thought I decided on a schedule of weekly updates, where on certain days of each week I post about a certain topic week to week. I will now have four posts a week...

The four topics will be:

Listen to em':
I've posted a few of these before (Justin Nozuka, Optimus Rhyme..etc..) and will continue to by posting a short brief of the band/artist along with links to their music every Sunday. The goal is to get people listening to some of these very talented/unique bands that may not be getting the exposure they should. Hopefully this will give you some new music to listen to and artists to look out for.

Joint of the Week:
Joint of the Week will highlight a single song or cover song that I feel is one of the best songs at the moment. Usually, but not always, a new song, the track will range in genre from blues to rap and all in between, some by well known artists and others by complete no names. This will be posted every Tuesday.

YouTube Clip of the Week:
Some of these clips will be live performances, freestyles and interviews and others will be random funny videos I find on YouTube. These will be posted every Thursday.

The Top Ten:
The Top Ten will be a countdown of the top ten of whatever topic I choose each week. These will be similar to the Best voices in music posts I have done in the past and be posted every Saturday.

So again the schedule goes like this:

Sunday: Listen to em'
Monday: -
Tuesday: Joint of the Week
Wednesday: -
Thursday: YouTube Clip of the Week
Friday: -
Saturday: The Top Ten...

Hopefully this will help bring people back and some conversation....

Check back later tonight for the first volume of Listen to em'.

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