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Sunday, June 15, 2008


So yea in case you didn't know this, I've been in Australia for the last 5 months, but i'm finally going to be going home. It's been by far the best time of my life so for anyone considering studying abroad, if you get the chance I think you'd be stupid to turn it down because it's an amazing experience.

Anyways i'm gonna miss the fuck out of this place, but at the same time I can't wait to get back in the studio, to some Red Sox games and back home with my friends. Like I mentioned in an earlier post I plan on calling my next album Crocodile Tears, and am currently doing a lot of writing for the album. I have a bunch of ideas and concepts along with songs already recorded the toughest part will be piecing together the album. The biggest issue with me is making an album that stays pretty consistent as far as it comers to style and lyrical content in order to help establish my own "style" more in order to be more recognizable. I've had conversations with people such as 730 from and he told me he loved my stuff, but in order to become a bigger name having a distinct "Rumorz" sound is very important. I don't totally agree with him, because I believe my versatility is part of what makes my music what it is, but I can definitely see what he means. When you hear a Wu Tang track, u know it's them. If I continue with fast rap songs, then slower serious, and then other all metaphorical and deeper concepts it will be tough for someone to realize it's the same artist unless they have already came to recognize my voice.

So yea basically this album is me slowly trying to blend all my styles and deliveries into one. I have came to the realization that most likely this album will still not be completely one style because as a writer i'm not ready to let go of some of the deliveries and styles just yet. But hopefully by the end of this cd people will be able to start recognizing 'Rumorz" more and more for certain traits in the music.

so yea just an update on that, and i'm curious what everyone else thinks about the issue of developing a distinct "Rumorz" sound. Is it necessary? What do you think my style is?

let me know.

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