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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hey guys, I wanted to keep you posted with what is going on with the music! Me and Josh who is my personal manager/partner in crime have been trying to organize all the music I've been writing and recording as of late. We've got a few great things lined up including a mixtape and an album in the works.

After searching around for the right person to host the mixtape, we've decided to go with DJ ILL WILL . He has a good presence on the internet which is where as an unsigned rapper, you need to have a name for yourself.  I've got a session next Saturday in which I will complete recording for all the mixtape tracks, and all that will be left is mixing.

As far as the album goes, I've got about 35 songs written and will be recording the remaining unrecorded ones within the next couple weeks. This month is all about getting some good talent on the album. In the works now are songs with Kristen (formally Rayne), Three Legged Fox's frontman Kyle Wareham and rapper CAUSE.

I've also been working with some dope producers for this album including recently Gabe Herman who has done work with JoJo and the hottest indie bands in Massachusetts.

So please keep spreading the word and pay attention for new shit soon!!

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